Making Progress!

We’ve been so busy! Rob has been in town for just over a week, and we (and just I, before he got here) have been making progress. That’s good, since it means I have a lot to share (and because the house is getting homier), but it’s bad, since I hardly have any time to write about it! Here are some in-progress photos I took after dinner today.

My bedroom was the first thing I tackled after we closed, since I was going to need somewhere nice to sleep after long days of painting and cleaning. I spent two nights sleeping in one of the upstairs rooms before I’d finished painting mine. The walls and trim are now white — we’re not painting all the trim in the house, but it’s nothing special, so I didn’t feel bad about slapping on a coat of paint to brighten up this room. Because this is what it looked like before:

I built the shelves that sit above the ledge, and I like how they turned out (and they’re super solid). I’m still looking for the perfect stuff to fill them!

Almost everything but the family room / downstairs hallway has been painted, and this other bedroom downstairs has been my project for the past week. My inspiration came from this. Taping has been a bear, but in the photo above you can see that I’ve taped off the last of the triangles to be painted. I haven’t bought any paint for this project; all the colors have come from other rooms in the house and from my house in Minneapolis. I can’t wait to be finished! This is what the room looked like before.

The kitchen is so close to being done. We finally have all our appliances — everything was delivered last Friday, except for the fridge, which arrived today. The new maple floors are great, and the little slate threshold (in front of the door that walks out onto the deck) was grouted just today.

An improvement on this, right?

And lastly, we caught a critter today:

We’ve heard mice running along the ceilings before, but there’s been no sign of them out in the open (just inside the walls). Well, I was painting downstairs today when I looked out into the hall to see Beany calmly following a mouse as it walked next to the baseboards. I have no idea where she found it or why it was moseying along so calmly (it didn’t seem injured and ate/drank/bathed as normal when it was in a plastic box before I let it go, several miles away). It wound up going under some appliances in the utility room, but later I noticed Birdy in the corner of my bedroom, and there was the mouse again. It was really easy to capture it under a clear paint pail, and we transferred it to a see-through plastic tote for watching until I had a reason to run errands and drop it off at its new home (ie, the wilderness by the Munger Trail). It really didn’t seem injured, but it was not at all as speedy as the housemice I’m used to. At any rate, I think the cats earned their keep today.

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8 Responses to Making Progress!

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  2. Ann says:

    OH GOOD LORD THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL. Just…wow. The white bedroom! The kitchen floor! The triangle walls OMG!! Even the mouse is pretty.

    You (and, presumably, Rob) have mad skillz in the house-beautifying department, Anna.

  3. Linda says:

    Nice job on your room. And I am glad u let that poor little mouse go free.

  4. Karen Sue says:

    THis is looking great! I bet it is so nice to hunker down in that bed after a hard day of painting and cleaning!! Especially with your assistants there!!

  5. Neela says:

    Wow! It’s just amazing how you have transformed the house. It is so very beautiful now.You are so hard working.

  6. Emma says:

    Love the color blocking. I’m very impressed at how quickly this has turned from “potential” to “reality.” Well done on all your hard work.

  7. sheila says:

    Can’t believe how much you’ve achieved in such a short while. The bedroom looks so homey and bright with the blanket and the white walls and I admire your patience with the triangles.

  8. Jody says:

    Your house is looking so great. Glad you rehomed the mouse. Apparently they don’t like peppermint oil, on cotton wool balls, or mint grown around the outside of the house!

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